We, the Dudka family, are fourth generation farmers and immigrated to BC, Canada in 1975. We share our Kelowna RV Park farm with all sorts of critters, but our favorites are the multi-generational clan of California quail that has been living here as long as we have. They number in the dozens and have the run of the place, from wintering in the pines around our home, to helping themselves to the best berries in the strawberry patch if we are not quick enough to harvest. The best time to observe them is in the long summer twilight as they meander through the yard nibbling here and there at tender shoots while cooing at one another.

We are very lucky to live in a beautiful spot and would love to share this little corner of paradise with you. Whether for a weekend getaway, two weeks of the rest and relaxation you truly need, or a month of good food, good wine, and good golf, come stay with us at Quails View Farm RV Park because you deserve the very best!